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Activated carbon


CAS No:7440-44-0
EINECS No:231-153-3
Active carbon is derived from wood or bone coal, whose processing hydrocarbons are removed. It is a broadly used in medicine. It is used in the production of substances, water filtration systems. The absorbing properties of carbon are a prerequisite to active carbon is used in the purification of the air (e.g. in filters of gas masks), the different types of alcoholand for cleaning sewers. The natural characteristics of the active charcoal define it as a material with great surface and high adsorbability of organic substances. In most cases, it is used in powder or granular form with the aim to remove pesticides or other organics. This method is used to remove the specific odors and improves taste of water, also removes toxins, algae and the overall limited carbon.
Packing: Big bag

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