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Aluminium hydroxide


Alumina trihydrate, ATH, Aluminium hydrohydatum, Aluminium trihydroxide, Hydrated alumina, Moist Hydrate

CAS No: 21645-51-2                                           
EINECS No: 244-492-7                             
Chemical formula: Al2O3.3H2O or Al(OH)3
Aluminum hydroxide is a white powder that over 500 ° C is converted into aluminium oxide. Feedstock for the manufacture of other compounds including aluminum, aluminum fluoride, aluminum sulfate, PAC, zeolites and sodium aluminate. It is used in the aluminum, glass and ceramics industry, flame combustion. It is used for the production of printing inks, and also in medicine. We also offer new types of thin aluminum hydroxide precipitates with improved performance when mixing, high thermal stability, good fluidity of powder and higher density after transport, as well as the low viscosity of the compound. Target polymers are polyolefins and their copolymers, PVC and rubber.
Packaging: Sacks of 15 kg or 25 kg.

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