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Ammonium sulfate


Diammonium sulfate,salt of sulfuric acid


CAS No:7783-20-2
EINECS No: 231-984-1
Ammonium sulfate is a white crystalline salt , which is obtained from the interaction of ammonia with sulfuric acid. It is very soluble in water, it also dissolves in ammonia soda and the resulting solution is used as liquid fertilizer. It is used mainly for industrial and/or professional goals – in the production of dry fire-extinguishing powders and non-combustible materials, laboratory chemicals, substances, delaying combustion, acidity regulators. Ammonium sulphate is a highly effective nitrogen fertilizer, the application of which ensures high plant and economic efficiency in the cultivation of the main crops. Ammonium sulphate is recommended primarily for crops requiring sulphur/canola, buckwheat, cabbage, winter and summer wheat/rather ammonium nitrate to nitrogen/potatoes, sugar beet, fodder plants/crops and grow better when slightly acidic reaction soil solution/potatoes, flax, sunflower, tea, carrots, tomatoes, parsley, sorrel, turnip, radish, pumpkin, Zucchini, raspberries/blackberries. It is best to use the ammonium sulphate mainly in the spring in the seed period, for an even distribution. Fertilization of crops themselves with ammonium sulfate is also very effective. Through his acid action improves the absorption of the phosphatic fertilisers from the slowly-working phosphorus corps. In addition, the ammonium sulfate can be added into the solution of liquid nitrogen fertilizers.
Package: 50 kg bags

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