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Barium sulphate



Barium Sulfate, Micronized Barite, Barite, Barytes, Natural Barium sulphate, Barium salts

CAS No: 7727-43-7
EINECS No: 231-784-4
Formula: BaSO4
Barium products of “m” series are produced from only the highest quality, natural barium sulphate ore. Our special barium has unique properties of ultrafine micronization, superb white color and excellent clarity. Baryte from series “M” is extremely white, fine, easily dispersing barium sulphate extender. This product is sourced from high quality barum concentrates in a special preparation and refining. Thanks to its ease of baryte series “M” is successfully used in high-quality coatings, primers and pigment preparations. This product increases the critical power and allows partial replacement of expensive pigments, which greatly improves the cost efficiency of the painting and roofing systems. Baryte is widely used in plastics and rubber compounds. The main uses of barium from series “M” are:
• powder coating
• sealants
• Putty
• adhesives and sealants
• plastics and rubber
• polymers
• cars
Blanc Fixe or Bianco Fisso, also known as precipitated or synthetic barium sulfate, is the universal extension and qualified with functional additive properties. These products have an extremely bright white color, correct absorption of the oils, low abrasion during grinding, optimized dispersion properties, are chemically inert and provide excellent barrier properties against UV rays. Blanc Fixe from series “M” is a synthetic barium sulfate, which is obtained from ultra-clean solutions in a process of growth. A broad and unique range of Blanc Fixe of “M” series is able to fulfill every demand quality and is suitable for any known application such as:
• paints and coatings
• inks
• plastics and rubber
• polymers
• paper
• batteries
• adhesives and sealants
Packaging: Bags of 25 kg

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