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Basalt crumbs and Basalt flour



Basalt sand, Basalt flour


Basalt crumbs are a relatively new convenient and economical basalt heat-insulating material obtained by dispersing (basking) basalt plates and basalt waste in a special machine. Used to isolation of floors, ceilings and other horizontal surfaces. Thanks to the loose state of the basalt crumbs, the smallest spaces between the surfaces are filled and therefore there is no heat loss and no condensation accumulates. This increases insulation and reduces the cost of heating. Basalt crumbs are an inorganic non-flammable material that can be used for thermal insulation in buildings with increased ecological requirements: sanatoriums, saunas, cafes, kindergartens and schools. Basalt sand is an excellent additional insulation for already existing insulation – eg for slags, sawdust, expanded clay and others. Basalt crumbs have thermal insulating properties – they retain heat, effectively prevent the spread of flame and can be used as fire insulation and fire protection. The basaltic crumbs omit the water vapor but practically always remain dry, preserving the room’s internal temperature regime.
Basalt flour is extremely hard /hard to grind/, which is used in organic farming as soil improvers and as fertilizer in the production of special refractory products.

Packaging: Bags of 25 kg.

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