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Ferrous oxide


Iron oxide, Oxoiron, Iron(II) oxide, Iron monoxide, Ferroous monoxide

CAS No: 1345-25-1
EINECS No: 215-721-8
Formula: FeO
The iron monoxide is commonly seen in red, yellow or orange color and is widely used as a pigment in all types of decorative and industrial paints. High strength, excellent stability and excellent crumbles of its colors make it ideal for use in any type of paint in extreme climatic and weather conditions.
Synthetic red and yellow iron oxides are used mostly in production of cement or mosaic flooring, as they are inorganic and therefore do not fade due to weather and UV rays. They are the most stable color and therefore are used both in exteriors and interiors. The different shades of iron oxide is added to plaster, concrete blocks, surface structures, etc.
Packaging: Bags of 25 kg

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