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Manganese sulphate


Mangan(II)sulfat monohydrate, Manganese (II) sulphate, Manganese (II) sulphate (monohydrate), Manganese Sulfate, Sulfate manganese

CAS No: 7785-87-7
EINECS No: 232-089-9
Formula: H2MnO5S
Manganese sulphate is a fertilizer eliminating the mangane need of the plants so it’s used as a fertilizator additive. Manganese sulfate is used in the production of porcelain, glaze, ceramics, textile dyes, fungus eliminators, medicines, food, plant, livestock, farming and hunting. It’s used as catalizator, reducing agent in paint and vernic dryers, in production of chemicals product.
Packaging:< bags of 25 kg

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