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Polymer flocculation aids are organic macromolecules, which can be used for solid-liquid separations.

Polymer flocculants are used in municipal as well as in industrial waste-water and sludge treatment. In addition there are numerous application possibilities in the paper industry, regulation of solid mater in drilling fluids for the oil and gas production, cleaning of contaminated soils.

MOBYFLOC is a synthetic polyacrylamide with a high molecular weight and a light cationic charge. It is especially suitable for the separation of impurities from waste waters and is used in the industrial field for example: or cleaning the canalisation, in soil decontamination for the binding of micro particles, in wheel-washing systems, in the glass industry to bind abrasive dusts, in the varnish industry to avoid depositions.

Packaging:Tubes of 25 kg.

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