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Monoammonium phosphate


Ammophos, Ammonium phosphate, Ammonium dihydrogenorthophosphate, Ammonium di-hydrogenorthophosphate , Ammonium dihydrogen orthophosphate , Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, MAP, Ammofos

CAS No: 7722-76-1
EINECS No: 231-764-5
Formula: H3N.H3O4P
Ammophos is a complex, highly concentrated, water-soluble nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer. Because of the high phosphorus content, it is mainly used as a phosphorous fertilizer. It’s absorbed entirely by plants and does not leave ballast substances in the soil that could reduce soil fertility.


In addition to agriculture, monoammonium phosphate is also used in various other applications:

• As a binding agent in refractory bricks and tiles
• Flame retardant for textile fabrics, furniture, wood, paper, matches, plastic and cellulose.
• In the production of powder for fire extinguishers
• In the production of frit for enameled vessels
• in the food and pharmaceutical sector
• In the manufacture of laundry and cleaning products
• In the manufacture of paints and coatings
• As a flux agent for casting and soldering in the manufacture of metal products, electronics and electrical equipment
• As a casting material in dental technology
• In the manufacture of intermediates
• Laboratory chemicals and formulation of mixtures.


Packaging: Bags of 25 kg.

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