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Nickel tape


Nickel and low alloy nickel alloys used in electronics and other industries.
Nickel is widely used in the manufacture of various chemical facilities, in shipbuilding, in electrical engineering, in the manufacture of alkaline batteries for many other purposes. Specially formulated dispersed nickel is widely used as a catalyst for various chemical reactions. Nickel oxides are used in the production of ferritic materials and as a pigment for glass, glazes and ceramics; Oxides and some salts serve as catalysts for different processes. Manufacture of iron-nickel, nickel-cadmium, nickel-zinc, nickel-hydrogen batteries.
The modern industry produces a variety of nickel products. The most common nickel wire and thread, tape and foil, rods and circles, sheets and strips, tubes, dust.
Nickel tape is used to make electric heaters as well as resistors with stable electrical parameters. Also, this product is used for other electrical and mechanical engineering needs. As an example, spot welding of batteries can be done.
Nickel wire and wire, as well as nickel rods and wheels are used for the production of various electronic components and in the vacuum industry. A nickel sheet (anode and cathode) and the group uses anti-corrosion coatings (so-called nickel) as well as structural material capable of working in many corrosive environments. When creating pipelines for the transport of chemically active liquids, the nickel tube and capillary tubes are widely used. Nickel is part of the majority of heat-resistant and heat-resistant alloys and the powder is used for alloying. Nickel band and foil are used in electrical devices.

Tape and foil refer to flat products. Compared with sheets and dimensions, the strip (thickness and width) of the product is much less. This allows it to be used in small-sized devices, which are generally common in the field of electrical engineering. It is worth noting that the strip, in turn, is a starting material for the production of foil.
Sufficiently wide application in industry nickel anodes are used in nickeling surfaces of different products. Nickel powder is also used for nickellization. Other nickel-type plates, the cathodes are used as a charge in the manufacture of nickel-containing alloys. Besides cathodes as alloying alloy additives, it also uses nickel powder. Generally, nickel production is actively used in the industry, which has increased requirements for corrosion resistance of materials in a corrosive environment.

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