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Sodium nitrate


Sodium selistra, Chilean Selitra

CAS No: 7631 – 99 – 4
EINECS No: 231 – 554 – 3
Formula: NaNO3
Sodium nitrate occurs in nature as a natural mineral – most in Chilean coasts of the Pacific Ocean, and in smaller deposits – in Egypt, the Caspian region, Colombia, etc. It is possible that receipt and synthetically through the neutralization of nitric acid with sodium carbonate or sodium hydroxide. Almost 100% of the used in Europe sodium nitrate has been produced synthetically. Represents a white crystalline substance, very well soluble in water.
Sodium nitrate can be used as fertilizer in agriculture, as it is an important source of nitrogen for plants. Serious application is as an intermediate product in pyrotechnics, in glass, metal processing industry, enamel in the manufacture of dyes, explosives, gunpowder, potassium nitrate, used for melting and oxidative, added to tobacco, in the sausage-making, etc. Taken in large doses is toxic to animals and humans.
Package: bags of 25 kg

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