Trade with chemical products and rare earths


Rulen Ltd. specializes in the wholesale of inorganic chemicals, rare-earth metals and their oxides on the territory of Bulgaria and abroad. The company is a major importer of ferrous sulfate (green vitriol), ammonium sulphate, antimony oxide (ATO), potassium sulphate, aluminum oxide, selenium and selenium products, aerosil, barium carbonate, barium sulfate, talc, magnesium oxide and hydroxide, KMC and others. Rulen LTD is a distributor of several international manufacturers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Mexico and France. The company maintains a constant inventory of guaranteed quality and provenance in order to quickly meet the needs of our customers. With its proven honesty and loyalty Rulen LTD has become a respected and desired service provider for many Bulgarian companies, which are a constant user of services offered by its raw materials.
The motto of the company is: Responsibility, correctness and quality.




Managers of Rulen Ltd


Rumyana Georgieva

Lenin Penev

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