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Aluminium paste


Paste with containing aluminum for solar elements

Aluminum pastes for PERC cell design

Aluminum pastes for PERC cell design provide efficiency gain of up to 0.15% and excellent adhesion, while having lower laydown rate. Cell efficiency is the main priority for solar cell manufacturers. The switch to PERC cell design is one of the most attractive ways to deliver higher solar cell efficiency. Latest advanced paste solutions allow both PERC cell efficiency gain of up to 0.15% and lower paste laydown rate. EFX-Series aluminum pastes for PERC are applicable for combined firing with other metallization components.
Aluminum pastes for conventional solar cells
Aluminum pastes PASE-series are specially designed for BSF solar cells. The pastes feature high efficiency and adhesion as well as provide good cell morphology.
Aluminum pastes PALF-series are lead-free, yet they come with all the features of PASE-series pastes.
Packaging: 100 gr, 500 gr or 1 kg


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