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Copper oxide



Black copper oxide, Copper (II) Oxide, Copper monoxide, Copperoxide

CAS No: 1317-38-0
EINECS No: 215-269-1
Formula: CuO
Copper oxide is a chemical compound that is formed by the oxidation of copper. It is a black crystalline substance practically insoluble in water. Primary oxide is. When heated above 800 ° C it decomposes to give the reddimensional oxide Cu2O.
Copper oxide is used in the production of absorbing materials, brake pads, ceramics, coating and inks, cosmetics, galvanotechnics, glass, lubricants and fats, row material for the smelting of non-ferrous metals, treatment of non-metallic surfaces, pigments, plasters, fillings and chemical products for buiding, pyrotechnics, row material for the production of other components and products for fine chemicals, cleaning products, catalysts, chemical laboratory substances, adhesives. Copper oxide is also used in agriculture for fertilizer production.
Package: Bags of 25 kg.

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