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Diethylene glycol



Diethylenglykol, Diethylenglycol , Dicol, DEG, Di Ethylene Glycol, (2-hydroxyethoxy) ethan-2-ol, 2,2”-oxydiethanol, Diglycol, DEG

CAS No: 111-46-6                                       
EINECS No: 203-872-2                     
Formula: C4H10O3
The diethylene glycol is a colorless liquid. It can be used as a dehydration agent for natural gas; raw material for the manufacture of plasticizers and polyester resins, anti-freeze, coolant in refrigeration plants; moisturizer; textile greasing substance and linking; solvent for paint and printing of textiles; ingredient of hydraulic fluids; plasticizer for paper, cork and synthetic sponges; solvent in printing inks; raw material for the production of esters used as emulsifiers, demulsifiers and lubricating substances; and a selective solvent for aromatic compounds in the refining of oil.
The diethlyen glycol can be used for obtaining a (2.2 ‘: 6 ‘, 2 ‘-terpirid-4) diethylene glycol, which can act as a precursor to getting the water soluble polymers coordinate.

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