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Disodium metasilicate



Sodium metasilicate, Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate, 5N2O, Sodium silicate, Disodium dioxido pentahydrate (oxo) silane, Water glass

CAS: 10213-79-3
EINECS No: 600-279-4
Formula: Na2SiO3
Metasilicate sodium is an inorganic compound, alkali salt of metasilicieva acid and sodium metal with formula, with colourless Na2SiO3 or white crystals, soluble in cold water and forms a crystalline hydrate. It easily dissolves in cold water, concentrated solutions form a colloidal solution of “liquid glass” of SiO2 • H2O n hidrozol. Metasilicate sodium exists in two crystalline forms (crystalline hydrate) with five molecules of water (melting point of 78.2 ° c) and with nine molecules of water (melting point 48 ° c). The first form contains 42.5% water, and the second – 57.3% water.
Metasilicate sodium is used in the production of synthetic detergents, technical detergents, bleach substances. Metasilicate sodium pentahydrate is used in the manufacture of detergents, household and technical cleaning agents, bleaches and in the oil industry, in the textile industry for bleaching, in the metallurgical and engineering industries in the process of neutralization of the metal surface, such as coagulant for the production of rejuvenating oils in the process of refining the oil in water treatment as an inhibitor of corrosion and secondary coagulant, in everyday life and in the workplace for the disinfection of premises, linens, dishes, sanitary ware, in the production of motor cooling systems, as a component in the batch in the production of glass, construction and road industry in the production of heat resistant acid-resistant concrete.
Package: bags of 25 kg

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