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Lead oxide


Lead monoxide, Lead (II) oxide, Lead minium, Lead oxide (II, IV), Lead dioxide, Lead tetroxide, Lead(III) oxide, Lead oxide red, Litharge, Massicot

Lead monoxide
CAS No: 1317-36-8
EINECS No: 215-267-0
Formula: PbO
Lead minium
CAS: 1314-41-6
EINECS 215-235-64
Formula: Pb3O4
Lead oxides are chemical compounds of lead with oxygen. Lead oxide PbO has a yellow-red crystals. Exists in two modifications-low soluble and high soluble . Lead oxide /PbO/ known under the name of lead has a yellow color and is solid. This oxide does not dissolve in water. Reacts with acids and bases, so there are amfoteren in nature. This is used for glazes, siccatives.
Lead dioxide /PbO2/ is a dark brown powder, insoluble in water and is used for electrodes of rechargeable batteries, as a strong oxidizer. Mixed lead oxides are called tetraoxide trilobal is Pb3O4 lead, has an orange-red color and twoleaded alumina Pb2O3 known as plumbo-plumbi, has orange color. Trilobal tetraoxide (lead) is Pb3O4 used for paints, lubricants.
Lead oxide is used for the production of lead-acid batteries (fixed and liquid), crystal glass, ceramics, rubber, paints and pigments. In the manufacture of explosives (pyrotechnics), initiating the production of elements. Lead oxide is hindering the component in deceleration tables used in electric and non-electric lighters.

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