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Sodium sulphate


Disodium sulfate, Disodium sulphate, Disodium monosulfate, Disodium monosulphate, Sodium sulfate


CAS No: 7757-82-6                                   
EINECS No: 231-820-9                   
Formula: Na2SO4

The main use of anhydrous sodium sulphate is the manufacturing of powder detergents, but it is also widely used in other industries such as glass, paper pulp, textiles, enzymes, metallurgical processes and more. It is important to underline the different applications in pharmaceutical products or human and animal feeding.
The natural origin of sodium sulphate, as well as its purity and the absence of heavy metals provides it an ecological character that makes it specially suitable for its use as raw material in any kind of industry. It is used as a raw material for detergents, glass and paper.
Packaging: Bags of 25 kg.

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